Church Tailgating Party- Incredible!

This was our church’s Facebook page status yesterday afternoon:

So last week Pastor Ryan asked in his sermon why we don’t get as passionate about church and Sunday school as we do for ballgames. He said he didn’t see anyone tailgating outside before church talking about the big sermon and all fired up for church. SOOOOO we got the hint and we all decided this week it was time for a tailgate party! We are excited for Sunday School, for worship, for preaching, fellowship, and God’s Word!!! What a great time had by all!

I honestly couldn’t believe what I saw when my family pulled into the parking lot next to the church for our routine Sunday morning.  As we turned in, Nikki said “what are all these people standing outside for?”  My first thought honestly was that there was a fire inside of our building!

But then I realized that a good number of our church people acted on my joking statement in last week’s sermon about our being passionate about Jesus and what we do together on Sunday mornings.  I couldn’t stop talking about this tailgating party with Nikki most of the day yesterday!

This was absolutely incredible for a number of reasons.  Here are a few:

  • People listened to a sermon!  Even if it wasn’t the most spiritual part, they still heard :)
  • People kept it a secret all week from me.  Being surprised made it even better.  I’m really surprised that Camma didn’t let it out while working around the office all week!
  • It was awesome to see young and old gathering like this holding up signs and wearing church apparel and simply being united together in their excitement of Jesus and our church.
  • This was put together in a week and was really well done too.  Seriously.  The signs, the sound system set up outside with music playing, the grill for sausage, the crock pots with breakfast casseroles, the “Jesus Loves Me” stickers everyone seemed to have on their faces.  It was just a lot of fun because everybody took it seriously.
  • Nikki and I both agreed how much we appreciated that our church family would do something like this.  They’re a bunch of fun people.
  • The morale yesterday morning going into Sunday School and then worship was so great!  There really seemed to be more energy and excitement to be there, just like tailgating at a football game.
  • Most people were wearing t-shirts, jeans, and stickers on their face all morning.  It’s nice to relax together.
Pictures of the tailgating party are at the church’s Facebook page.  To my church family– what an incredible way to kick off yesterday!  Thank you for putting the effort into this event and for uniting together for something special like this.
Since I didn’t get the email this week, next week– I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt to preach in…

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  1. Wish I known might been there in maize n blue

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