Our VBS Offering Is Going to SoundWord Ministries

Dan and Nancy Orr

Every year, the VBS children at Central bring in pennies, dimes, and whatever other money they can to go to a specific cause.  It is never used in the church but for a mission work outside of our church.  All the money brought in this year is going to SoundWord Ministries, a prison ministry that serves inmates in Marion, Mansfield, Lima, and some other parts of Ohio.

This ministry is run by Dan and Nancy Orr, and they were with us today in VBS!  They shared briefly about what they do, then sang a couple songs with the children.  They sang a song they wrote about Jonah, and then they sang “Jesus Loves Me,” which they told us is actually the most requested song they sing when they have worship services in the prisons with the men!  They also answered questions the kids (and leaders) had (always a potentially dangerous idea to field live questions from children!), where we learned some really interesting things, such as the percentage of released prisoners who go back to prison after being released is around 70% nationally.  What’s really interesting though is that they told us that the men who are active in prison ministry activities of all kinds only have a 1% rate of going back in once they have been released!  God transforms lives!  He also shared that they know 11 released inmates who are now pastoring churches.

It’s a worthwhile ministry and Dan told me today that he has the best job in the world.  What’s neat too is that a few of the inmates he works with design and maintain the ministry’s website.  They are not allowed to be on the internet, but they do all the coding and then give to another guy who is able put it all online.

So far, the children have raised just over $200 for SoundWord Ministries!

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  1. That is so cool! The first time I went out to NCCI in 2002 was with their ministry. That was before Larry Skrant was able to return there himself. I’m glad you’ve been able to connect CBC with the Orr’s. Great ministry!!

    • Yeah, they lead a great ministry. In fact, Dan is Keith Thrush’s cousin. So the connection is easy, and presents opportunities for anyone from Central to get involved with them when they want to.

  2. They’re also graduates of MTS. :)

  3. Missionary Training School – one of the ministries of my former church (http://www.gsbmministries.org/mts.html). We’ve talked about PTS (the one for pastor’s) before, but you know know 2 graduates of MTS. There’s lots of them out there. Maybe I can introduce you to some others. :)

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